Von Kling has been actively involved in the fitness industry for over a decade. She has helped a diverse group of people with varying fitness levels reach their goals, including those with special limitations and injuries. Having lost over 130lbs herself naturally without the use of supplementation or fad diets, she serves as a positive role model to others struggling with weight issues.

      What started out as a personal weight loss journey, has evolved into a lifelong commitment of educating and bringing awareness to the general public about the benefits of physical activity and proper nutrition. Von possesses the zeal and extensive knowledge that has helped transform the lives of many. She specializes in Fat Loss, Muscular Strength, Core Stability, and Cardiovascular Endurance with an emphasis on Nutritional Coaching. Her fitness programs are constantly evolving and designed based on individual goals. Von’s a fitness program is based on non-traditional training modalities, creativity, with an emphasis on fun. Her nutritional coaching and meal plans are constructed through the integration of scientific research and a variety of sustainable healthy eating habits. 

     Von does not only focuses on the health and wellness of her clients, she also cares about the wellbeing of their families. She provides her clients with the necessary tools to create a healthy environment at home in which all of the family members will benefit from greatly, especially children. Currently, Von has embarked upon a writing career focusing on Fitness and Nutrition. She views herself as a fountain of knowledge in which others may draw from and sees life challenges as an opportunity for growth.

      In her down time, Von enjoys spending quality time with her husband John and their 3 children Darius, Kaylin, and Kyla. Her hobbies includes: cooking, biking, kickboxing, dancing, boating, in addition to researching all of the latest health and wellness trends. Von’s enthusiasm, dedication, along with her infectious personality will always serve as a great inspiration to others seeking to adopt a healthy lifestyle